Amsellem Head Shot

Artists Bio

David currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona.  David’s main interest is painting the human form and it is done in the traditional style of transparent watercolor.  He has been exposed, at all times, to human challenges, human emotions and human triumphs.  His watercolors have played an important role in documenting the people he has encountered. David has been displaying his paintings in numerous juried exhibits and has received numerous awards.  David is a Signature Member of Arizona Watercolor Association, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and Watercolor West.  His longtime observation of the human spirit and his love of watercolor has provided him with a valuable combination to convey the unique beauty of people in his figurative paintings.

Artists Statement

I am so happy to have found my pathway through a vibrant and rich art community here in Arizona. I have had the benefit of meeting, collaborating, rubbing elbows and befriending so many artists in my community of different experiences, opposed ideas, contrasting backgrounds and individual stories. I consider myself especially lucky to be a part of this spectacular artist environment.  Sharing my art experience with people of all kinds and unrelated backgrounds but with a similar passion of creating with watercolor has been immensely beneficial and encourages me to look at things differently, to constantly question my process and what I want out of a painting.  I feel extremely valued and supported as an artist in this environment that encouraged me to try new things, to learn and grow, to continue to produce good work and, most importantly, to continually refine my own process. 

I work exclusively from a direct observation of my subject over an extended period of time. I develop something in mind well before I start my watercolor process, it is a very personal experience for me.  At some point in the planning process, something will register in my mind or in the process itself. It could be a specific feeling, a distinct gesture, a particular arrangement of colors, a certain mood … it could be ANYTHING. At that point I will be responsive and engaged with the work by using all the technical tools and ideas I have in my possession as needed for each painting. None of the work will look photographic.  I try to refine it in an artistic language of my own, in a way that no camera would ever be able to capture.

My paintings are primarily a basic depiction of the ordinary. There are important sets of elements that I include to make my paintings work in an attempt to create a captivating image; pictorial concerns, composing an underlying abstraction / color / value structure and always having a strong emotional presence.  Most of the time it is great if one of those elements works well. When all of those elements come together to work well it is magical!!